Located in Munich, we provide comprehensive patent and trademark attorney services before the following IP authorities in Europe:

  • European Patent Office (EPO) - Professional representation in proceedings related to EP patent applications and EP patents
  • German Patent and Trademark Office and Federal Patent Court - Professional representation in proceedings related to DE patents, utility models, trademarks and designs
  • Unified Patent Court (UPC) - Professional representation in proceedings related to Unitary patents and classic EP patents
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) - Professional representation in proceedings related to EU trademarks and designs

Before the German civil courts, we cooperate with high-profile litigation lawyers.


Areas of Expertise

We deliberately set our focus on technical intellectual property rights, primarily patent prosecution and oppositions for global corporations.

As we are entrusted with work across a broad range of technical fields, our patent professionals routinely work in case teams and reach out to external knowhow as needed to constantly grow our technical knowledgebase.

Technical areas covered by us include:

Physics & Electronics
  • semiconductor processing (lithography, nano-imprint, wafer stepper)
  • semiconductor devices (CMOS, integrated circuits, photo-voltaic modules, semiconductor nanostructures)
  • sensors and measurement instruments (optical sensors, scintillators, position encoders)
  • circuit boards (soldering methods, printed circuits, power converters, EMC)
  • light sources (lasers, LEDs, quantum optics, phosphors)
  • imaging optics (zoom lenses, projector optics, ophthalmic devices)
  • thin films (porous films, multilayer anti-reflection films)
  • displays (transparent transistors, control circuits, high dynamic range)
  • ceramics and other sintered materials (lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, phase separation materials)
  • printing (inkjet, electrophotographic, transfer printing, 3D printing)
  • inkjet heads and other microfluidic devices
  • medical imaging (MRT, X-ray tomography, OCT)
Computer Implemented Inventions
  • cloud services (distributed systems, reliable and secure communication, deployment methods)
  • machine learning and AI (neural networks, data augmentation, object recognition, image classification and segmentation)
  • robotics (overall control, reinforcement learning, automated processing plants)
  • image processing (image enhancement, coding, and search)
  • medical image processing and control (medical image analysis, radiation dosage control)
  • wireless communication standards (3G, LTE, 5G, BLE, Wi-Fi)
  • network communication protocols (connection negation and management, network topologies, multi-RAT, caching)
  • network and data security (access control, encryption)
  • printer control and drivers (overall control, print data conversion, power saving)
Chemistry & Lifesciences
  • dyes, inks, and colorants
  • green plastics (bioplastics, biodegradable plastics, plastic recycling)
  • polymers (polymerization initiators, functional additives, optically and electrically functionalized monomers)
  • organic and inorganic coatings (for paper and optical elements)
  • functional particles (nano particles, core-shell particles, pigments, toner)
  • glass and ceramic compositions
  • contrast agents for medical imaging (for OCT, X-ray, MRT)
  • pharmaceutical compounds and compositions (cancer inhibitive drugs)
  • battery chemistry

In view of ever changing provisions related to European patent law, we have developed our own electronic commentaries and updating platform - distributed via IP.appify GmbH:
EPC.App - The self-editable commented European Patent Convention (since 2018)
PCT.App - The self-editable commented Patent Cooperation Treaty (since 2019)

For sharing knowledge with other patent professionals, we also offer training services:
Course on European Patent Practice for patent professionals from outside Europe

Non-technical IP rights such as trademarks and indications of geographic origin with special reputation are among most valuable assets built over decades, and we support global market leaders in building and enforcing strong positions in Germany.